The Hidden

The treasure of the
ancient Masters

From the creators of the award-winning “The Room”

From the creators of the award-winning
“The Room”

An unforgettable Adventure awaits you

An old vault, a forgotten cellar and an abandoned train station platform: Perhaps you could have guessed that something hidden had been slumbering deep beneath the train station for decades.

Possibly the precious secret was extremely well guarded. There would certainly be good reasons for that: If the indications of the presumed treasure prove to be true, history would have to be rewritten. And some museums around the world could mothball their best exhibits.

Do you still dare to try to uncover the mystery of The Hidden Chamber? Then prepare yourself. Whoever is brave enough to dive into the catacombs of the train station, will hardly believe their senses at times. And if your bravery actually will be rewarded, is anything but certain.

A Salzufler Unterwelt production starring Chris Lattner, Malte Eiben, Sven Riegel, Roland Steiniger, Daniel Berkemann | Produced by Thomas Daubel | Creative Director: Sven Riegel | Programming by: Malte Eiben | Sound Design by: Malte Eiben | Construction by: Daniel Berkemann | Poster Design: Federico Meloni | Storyline Puzzles: The Room Labs
The Hidden Chamber Poster

The Hidden Chamber

The treasure of the ancient masters

The visit to The Hidden Chamber is an experience you will never forget. Because the task given to you will demand a lot from you. You will have to sharpen your senses, trust your instincts and always keep a cool head – even when things get tight or dark. The Hidden Chamber is an immersive adventure. You will dive into the “Unterwelt” completely, whether you want to or not.

Top Escape Rooms Project 2022 Enthusiasts Choice
Siegel Best Live Escape Game 2022 von
Escape Roomers Bewertung 9,5/10
Escape Maniac Bewertung 9,6/10

60 min. adventure

Anzahl Spieler:
2 – 6 players

Icon Kinder
with adult companion from age 14

from 27,50 € p.p.



Whatever happens on this mission: You can always be assured that you are save. We do not expose you to any physical stress. It is dusty in the old chambers – we strongly advise you not to wear short pants or skirts, but recommend jeans or other durable pants.

Attention: This game is not suitable for people with severe low-light vision problems or severe knee and back problems.

Your group is alone inside the chamber. Nevertheless you will have support, for that you will be observed by video. The Hidden Chamber can always be exited over short paths.

  • It can be foggy in one or another room. However, the artificial fog is completely harmless to your health.
  • It is dark in some parts, but you will have a light source with you.
  • At least once you have to crawl on your knees. In addition one of your teammates has to get inside a narrow shaft with his upper body.
  • Depending on how far you get, there might be a loud bang. This will not happen suddenly, but will be deliberately triggered by you.
  • Any questions? Then write to or call: +49 170 / 1601750.
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