For many decades the fabled alchemist Benediktus experimented in the cellar of the old train station. He developed formulars and spells, summoned ghosts and foreign powers. Now, as he gets older and weaker, his lifetime achievement turns against him with all its power 

Poster The Alchemist's Workshop

The alchemist’s workshop

Benediktus is old – unbelievable old indeed. His powers are disappearing, his senses are getting tired. His knowledge is in danger of being lost forever! Since the three crystals of power, which the alchemist needs for the preparation of his elixir of life, are lost without a trace. However, maybe Benediktus just cannot remember the formulars, that he once developed himself and that indirectly led him to the stones.

Benediktus desperately needs your help! Descends into the cellar of the train station and let yourself be taken in by the magic of alchemy. Search the mysterious workshop, solve exciting riddles and find the three life-supporting crystals. Benediktus will thank you – for several lifetimes! 

Dauer: 60 min. experience

Anzahl Spieler: 3 – 6 persons

Icon Kinder with adult companion from the age of 12

Kosten: from 27,50 € p.P.

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