Is The Hidden Chamber also playable in english?

So far, the english version of The Hidden Chamber can only be booked via email. So if you’d like to book your experience in english, please send us a message at so we can set up an appointment for your game with you.

How much does a game cost?

Our prices are based on the number of players: The more players you are, the less you pay per person. You can find the exact prices by choosing a date and number of players for your game under “Booking“.

Here you will find our current price list.

What exactly is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a room full of riddles and mysteries that need to be solved by a team within a given time. Usually the time limit is 60 minutes.

And what is the “Salzufler Unterwelt”?

The “Salzufler Unterwelt” started off as a project more than 10 years ago and always waited to be realised. Beneath the train station building there are ancient vaulted cellars, that originate around the year 1880 – and remained unused for several decades. We have made this extraordinary place accessible and experienceable for you. The idea of an Escape Room was a natural fit.

Although a visit to the “Salzufler Unterwelt” takes you into the vaulted cellars you won’t be entering a cold, uncomfortable place. Instead, you should look forward to a quaint world, in which you can discover a lot.

Are we going to be locked in the room?

No, nobody will be locked in at ours. You can leave the Escape Room at any time. It is not the goal of the game to find the key for the exit door. The mysteries of the “Unterwelt” are way more exciting.

At what time do we need to be there?

Please be on time for your booked event at the “Unterwelt”. There will be a short briefing before the game. Please allow that while planning your arrival.

How long takes a game and how much time do we need to allow?

The game inside the Escape Room takes about 60 minutes. This does not include the briefing. We will serve drinks and if you wish (after preorder) snacks.

How does a visit at the “Salzufler Unterwelt” take place?

There will be a short briefing before you enter the Escape Room, due to that all players should be on time for the booked event. We will explain what happened, what mysteries you have to uncover and how the course of the game takes place.

For the live adventure inside the Escape Room the room is specially prepared and blocked for your group. Therefore moving the starting time of the game is not possible. This agreement, which is also part of our GTC, is accepted by booking the adventure. In case the GTC are not accepted by one or more players, the game cannot take place. A reimbursement of the game fee is excluded.

Why is the Escape Room suitable for both beginners and advanced?

Because you won’t be left alone in the cellar; a game master is always by your side and adapts to your experience. Sometimes he knows a little bit more than you, sometimes not.

I am claustrophobic and not sure if I like the game. Should I still dare to visit?

Don’t worry, our Escape Rooms are large enough, so that six people can play relaxed at the same time. In case someone feels uncomfortable, they can leave the Escape Room at any time. The room is NOT locked. In addition the game master is always there for you.

Starting from what age is it possible to play?

The “Salzufler Unterwelt” is suitable for people from ages 14 to 99. The riddles are designed in a way that they can be solved by everyone.

In case of children-only groups, we reserve the right, that an adult companion joins the group inside the Escape Room.

In any case, the booking must be made by a person who is at least 18 years old.

Are the facilities barrier-free?

Due to the fact, that our facilities are suited in an old, listed vaulted cellar, they are not accessible barrier-free. The entrance is accessed via a staircase that leads from the train station platform into the “Unterwelt”.

I have more questions for my visit, how can I reach you?

It is a pleasure for us to answer any of your further questions regarding the “Salzufler Unterwelt”. You can sent us an E-Mail ( or a message via WhatsApp or SMS +49 170 1601750.

Via phone we can be reached by landline (+49 5222 8060080) or mobile (+49 170 1601750).

Außenansicht Eingang zur Salzufler Unterwelt vom Bahnsteig aus

How to find us:

Salzufler Unterwelt
Escape & Event

Bahnhofstraße 41
(Station building, entrance at the platform)
32105 Bad Salzuflen

Phone: +49 5222 8060080
WhatsApp, SMS or call: +49 170 1601750

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